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How We Work

1: Choose a piece of plaster from either the red or blue shelves.  The cost of each item are located on the bottom of the unpainted pieces. Prices start at $3 for magnet pieces and up to $30 for larger 3D and wall hanging pieces.  The price of each piece on the shelf includes: paint, glaze and glitter while painting in-store. If purchasing pieces to paint at home, paint, glaze, glitter and brushes can be purchased if required.

2: Once you have chosen your piece, bring it up to the counter to staff. At the counter you will be required to make payment for the plaster piece, select paint colours and collect water pots and smocks.  In-store we accept: Credit card, debit card, AMEX, Master Card, Visa, Cash and cheque with prior arrangement. If choosing accessories, these are purchased after the piece is glazed and glittered.

3. If painting in-store staff will assist you to find a table, high chairs are also available if children are unable to sit comfortably at an appropriate height. If you have made a booking a booking card will be present on the table. Walk-in's are welcome but please check with staff to see if the table is reserved before sitting. You can now create your masterpiece!

4.  Once you have finished painting bring your completed piece to the counter or if directed, to the glaze area. Staff will then glaze the piece with an acrylic or enamel glaze to protect the paint and apply glitter if requested. Glitter colours are selected prior to the glaze application. Glazing and glittering takes approximately 2-3 minutes and pieces can be taken home straight away as the piece is made of plaster, no firing is required.

5. After glaze and glitter is applied you may choose to add some accessories to your masterpiece. Accessory prices start at just 5c each and with over 100 choices you will definitely find something extra to make your piece look amazing. Our wide variety of stick on's include: hats, glasses, gems, bows, bells, hair, stick on wooden shapes, letters and flowers to name just a few!

6. Your piece is now complete and ready to find its new home with you.